Food Grade Lubricants

While today’s food processing equipment outperforms the machines of yesterday, the challenges remain the same—find a food-grade lubricant that is able to minimize wear and water contamination. Our products have been proven to protect hydraulics throughout the plant, combining superior antiwear properties with excellent water reparability.

Chevron Lubricating oils FM are tasteless, odorless lubricants for the food manufacturing and processing industry. These oils possess a high viscosity index and contain additives that provide antiwear protection, oxidation stability and rust protection. All components are composed entirely of materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration for incidental and accidental contact with food. These products have received the classification H1 approval from the USDA for lubricants having incidental contact with food.

The products have also been certified as Kosher and Pareve by the Organized Kashruth Laboratories in Brooklyn, New York.

Chevron’s Family of Food Manufacturing Oils

  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 32
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 68
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 100
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM-E ISO 100
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 220
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 460
  • Chevron Ammonia Refrigeration Oil ISO 168 is a high-quality paraffinic oil for the lubrication of ammonia compressors in industrial refrigeration.

Chevron FM Greases

Chevron FM Greases are high performance multipurpose grease for the food processing industry. The products are available in three grades and are odorless and tasteless. Chevron greases are a blend of a patented synthetic polymer thickener and food grade white oils containing a highly effective patented rust inhibitor. These products have certified with the classification H1 approval from the USDA for lubricants that are suitable for incidental contact with food up to 10 ppm. The products have also been certified as Kosher and Pareve by the Organized Kashruth Laborartories in Brooklyn, New York.


Chevron FM Greases are suitable for all grease lubricated machinery in canneries, beverage bottlers and canners, potato and corn chip manufacturers, meat and poultry packers, candy manufacturers, frozen food processors and other food producers and processors. Applications for Chevron FM Greases include electric motor bearings, pump shaft bearings, conveyor belt bearings, slides and ways, steam flow seamers and mobile equipment. They are specifically recommended for critical applications such as food handling machinery where there is a possibility of the lubricant becoming an incidental or accidental food additive.

FDA & USDA Lubricant Classifications

  • H1-Lubricants with incidental contact with food (up to 10 ppm)
  • H2-Lubricants with no direct food contact
    May be used as a lubricant, release agent or anti-rust film where there is no food contact.
  • H3-Agents with direct food contact
    Used as protective coatings for food stuffs: dust control agent for human consumed grain products and release agents in bakeries.
  • Dust control agent for cereal grains intended for human consumption.
  • Protective coating for raw fruits, vegetables and meat.
  • Release agent for bakery pans, molds and dough dividers.
  • Defoamer for foods and paper and adhesives intended for food packaging.
  • Forming and rolling of aluminum foil used in food packaging
  • A component of animal feed to reduce dusting and to serve as a moisture barrier in the preparation of pellets and cubes.
  • A fiber lubricant in the manufacture of food containers made from textile fibers.
  • Plasticizers for rubber used on conveyor belts, rollers and hoses.
  • A cleaner and rust preventive for packaging use and butcher equipment.
  • A lubricant and rust preventive for food machinery and other equipment where the lubricant might incidentally come into contact with food.
  • A float on fermentation fluids in the manufacture of wine and vinegar and on the brine in the curing of pickles.