For over eighty years, Morgan Oil Company has fueled West Georgia.

Established in 1933 as Smith Oil Company, W.M. Smith, a commissioned agent for the American Oil Company, served country stores, farms, and industries in the region. He later built Amoco service stations and became West Georgia’s source for tires, batteries, and accessories.

Following Smith’s death in 1972, Bobby Morgan, the son-in-law of the late founder, took over operations. The company operated at the time as a wholesale distributor of Amoco Oil Company products.

In 1984, at the age of 19, Jimmy Morgan came to work for the company. Within 18 months the company went from primarily wholesale to retail. The first store Jimmy built was across from the intersection of Highway 166 and 61 (known as the Triangle).

In 1985, with the help of David Hay, a local builder, Betty and Jimmy Morgan razed and rebuilt two service stations that W.M. Smith had previously built in 1955. This time, however, they opened them as convenient stores. One was in downtown Douglasville at the corner of Highway 78 and 92; the other was H.O. Jordan’s Amoco on Maple Street. Jimmy introduced a new type of gas pump to Georgia commonly referred to as a MPD (multi product dispenser). All three grades of gas were in hands reach.

With the help of Mr. Hay, Morgan Oil Company continued to construct and operate stores. Jimmy teamed up with Dr. Alvin Crews, a local dentist and investor, and rebuilt a new Amoco station on the corner of Hwy 27 and Roop Street.

After acquiring a store on Maple Street, which was later named West GA Amoco (now BBW), Morgan Oil Company went back to Douglasville to build on a vacant lot along I-20 that had promise of a new exit ramp and a Regional Mall. Chapel Hill Amoco, which used new “Pay-at-the-Pump” technology, was quite the gamble for Morgan Oil Company. But the modern, technology-driven station caught the attention of McDonald’s who moved in and proved to be a powerful tenant.

In 1999, Amoco Oil merged with British Petroleum and with it came a new look with new branding for stations and convenience stores around the country. A new BP Helios logo was revealed as the new image of the Amoco BP merger. Morgan Oil Company was the first Jobber in Georgia to be converted to the new image.

Car washes became tech savvy with the introduction of Touch Free car washes. Jimmy Morgan took advantage of his paternal grandfather’s name, Shine, and opened a non-attended automatic car wash on Maple Street. Morgan Oil later acquired Johnson’s Bait and Tackle by Lake Carroll and built another Shine Car Wash adjacent to Lakeview BP. Car washes were also installed at Villa Rica BP and Sandhill BP.

Morgan Oil Company will leave brand new site developments for the 4th generation but will maintain its presence as the largest branded market share in Carroll County. Whether it’s convenient stores, car washes, wholesale petroleum, construction site and farm delivered fuel, industrial lubricants, non-ethanol gasoline or home heat fuel they will continue to keep fueling West Georgia and East Alabama.

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