Automotive Fluids

No matter whether your business is a general repair shop, tire store, quick lube, or a chain of new car dealerships it is unique. Most suppliers have a standardized offering for your “segment,” but not at Morgan Oil Company. Our representatives will take the time to get to know and understand your business needs and challenges. Only then will we present a proposal that represents what YOU want.

We feature Kendall Motor Oil as our top of the line program oil. All GF-4 Kendall motor oils are synthetic blend products. Don’t expect typical synthetic blend prices, though! These products are priced less than what you would pay for the typical “boutique” company’s conventional oil.

You don’t need any marketing assistance or signage. Take a look at our offering from 76 Lubricants. Like Kendall, the GF-4 products are all synthetic blends. These products are a tremendous value!

Let’s face it. You have customers who are only concerned with price and so do we. That’s why in 2008 we began marketing a “house brand” of passenger car oils. It may be a brand that you aren’t familiar with, but rest assured we refuse to sell a product that is of inferior quality. We will not sell a lesser known brand until our representatives have visited the blending facilities and are convinced that the manufacturer has quality control procedures in place to ensure that you can be confident that you are putting an API licensed quality product in your customer’s vehicle.